Beyond the technology: Designing the Signal

Everyone’s talking about the Signal’s technology and WiFi capabilities. Our design team had an added mission in mind when creating it.

“People are going to get an added benefit of the technology in the fan, but they’re first of all going to see the design in their home,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes.

The Signal was special even before the technology was added. Holmes said they created fresh, new finishes for this contemporary ceiling fan.

“We combined a lot of new finishes that we were seeing on trend on this particular fan, and it was an opportunity to take a really unique form and bring those finishes onto the form so that it made that fan look more special than if we used finishes that are commonly used on fans,” shared Holmes.

Read more about utilizing the Signal’s technology here

Most times creating a finish is quick and easy. Other times, Holmes shared, it can take months of communicating and sending samples back and forth with the factory to make sure the design team’s vision comes to light.

“It’ll be a picture, a sample, then the factory will send us samples back; we’ll look at them and then communicate back to them what we want to change,” said Holmes, “We always do this in real time. We always ask for physical samples rather than looking at photos on a computer because computer monitors are all different, so looking at the real sample in real light is really important,”

Why go through this process? Simple – it’s important to our designers to present people a timeless yet unique design for their home. Also see our Contemporary Ceiling Fans Style Guide.

What are you waiting for? The Signal is available to purchse now here.

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