Ronan sends home fashion to new heights

The Ronan is a fan that shows it’s about more than moving air– it’s stylish, too.

Its vintage Edison bulb and warm metal cage caught the attention of the fashion forward ELEVATE Design Collective designers.

“When we sat around the table with our designers, there was no question. You could tell the conversation was over: They fell in love with that fan,” said Hunter Designer Patrick O’Connell.

They loved it so much, they wanted to put two Ronans in one room.

“The great thing about that was the intent of that fan was to be a cool fan,” said O’Connell, “To watch the interior designer fall all over it, it felt like we really hit our target with that.”


For years ceiling fans have been, well, just that. Kind of like faucets or door handles: They’re not typically seen as home fashion pieces like pillows or light fixtures.

During Hunter’s biggest product launch in 130 years, the goal was to change that mindset. Hunter invented the ceiling fan, and this year we decided to revamp the ceiling fan from dusty appliance to trendy design piece.


With that in mind, Hunter went to work with five other home fashion designers for ELEVATE to prove that functional pieces can be statement pieces too.

“All the brands that have amazing designs but don’t always get to show it off – door knobs and faucets aren’t always the more glamourous things,” said O’Connell, “But there’s so many amazing products being made and it was sort of neat to band together and show off together to say ‘We can be statement pieces too.’”

The Ronan wasn’t the only Hunter fan showcased in Elevate’s swanky New York loft: The high-tech Symphony and casual, clean Sentinel made cameos too.


“The Symphony was the nice counterpart between: It was a little more fashion forward than the Sentinel but not quite as fashion forward as the Ronan,” said O’Connell.

The contemporary Symphony is one of Hunter’s three new smart fans, featuring Wifi and Apple HomeKit technologies. The Symphony was featured in the ELEVATE loft’s guest bedroom.

The Sentinel is perfect for casual or modern spaces, and fit in very well with the gray tones in Elevate loft’s master bedroom.

The three fans were unveiled in the ELEVATE loft during New York Design Week in May.

The Sentinel casual ceiling fan, the Ronan caged ceiling fan and the Symphony smart home ceiling fan are all available to purchase now.

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